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NRE announces joint venture with Advance Hydrau-Tech

February 5, 2019 Texas-based Newell Recycling Equipment (NRE) has announced a joint venture Advance Hydrau-Tech PVT Ltd., an India-based baler, shredder and shear manufacturer.

NRE President Scott Newell III says Advance Hydrau-Tech is licensed to sell and manufacture Newell products, such as shredders, to the market in India and surrounding countries.

Owned by Sudhir Gupta and his son, Mukund Gupta, Advance Hydrau-Tech has been “one of the major suppliers of shears and balers in India and surrounding countries for more than 35 years,” NRE says.

The manufacturer has supplied more than 7,000 pieces of equipment to the market since its inception.

“NRE believes this joint venture is the correct direction for our group and for the continued ability to sell our products to all parts of the world,” NRE says.

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