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Introducing: Feed Ramp Safety Shield by Newell Recycling Equipment

November 12, 2019

Article: Safety First! Increased Safety at Shredding Plants with the Newell Feed Ramp Safety Cover by: Scott Newell

For Shredder Plant Safety, it is important to implement measures for protection of personnel and equipment. From the research and development phase, great care is taken to assure that a Feed Ramp Safety Cover is robust, ergonomic, and most of all, efficient against flying pieces coming from the machine.

This helps reduce or eliminate the possibility of injury or death. Newell has installed these Feed Ramp Safety Covers across many plants, and the Plant Operators report significant drops in accidents resulting from ejections of debris at the mill Early Concept drawing of the Feed Ramp Safety Cover, including base, operator ladder, safety cover , and operator guards.

Pictured below right, is a recent installation of a Feed Ramp Safety cover, at SA Recycling’s Plant in Mobile in El Paso Texas. The Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Eder Porres, reports that the addition of this cover helps increase safety for personnel at the plant. At any plant, protection of personnel is of the highest priority.A good recommendation is to consult Newell Recycling Equipment about a custom Feed Ramp Safety Cover for your plant. Please call us at 915-307-2010 , or email us at to discuss this project.

Feed Ramp Safety Cover Installation at SA Recycling El Paso, Texas

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