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If you're passionate about innovation and want to be part of a team that's dedicated to improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of shredding plants, then Newell might be the perfect fit for you. Join our team and work alongside experts in the field to help us create the most modern and effective designs for shredding plants. Together, we can make a real difference in the industry and help our clients maximize their returns on investment. Apply now and become a part of the Newell family.

Mechanical Design Engineer

El Paso, TX.
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  • Apply Mechanical Engineering fundamentals and theoretical knowledge of design to practical situations in order to design and implement effective solutions for Shredding/Recycling Equipment/Systems for scrap metal, aluminum, aluminum dross, and other metals, as well as for waste material such as Auto Shredder Residue, through appropriate project analysis. Solve engineering problems (focused on heavy equipment and metal recycling).

    Perform design tasks on assigned projects, including designing steel replacement castings to maximize wear life; using principals of balance dynamics to design proper spinning rotors for shredding plants of all sizes; and designing air separation systems to remove metal from waste streams. Apply proximity sensor applications, metal sensor applications, and eddy current technology to design equipment for appropriate magnetic separation of a wide range of scrap materials. Perform study, preliminary design, and construction project work tasks as assigned by the Company’s Director. Provide designs and produce sketches to incorporate in drawings by drafters and designers. Review design and approve manufacturing drawings for wide range of shredder projects. Interface with equipment manufacturers to obtain practical input on design and manufacturing issues to achieve better, more efficient designs and manufacturing processes. Coordinate customer visits to verify technical requirements and specifications for equipment/systems to be designed, review existing/proposed plant layout, obtain information needed to develop drawings, and verify acceptability of drawings prepared for such customer(s). Use a variety of computer aided design (CAD) software, such as SolidWorks and Vault PDM, to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings, and carry out analyses for stress/breaking in order to create a better machinery designs. Use DFMEA to design equipment as to minimize errors during the production stage. Use analytical tools such as Statistical Tolerance analysis to create better machinery designs that allow the customer to eliminate errors in the production area as well as in the assembly and installation area. Develop BOMs to automatically and accurately generate costed bills of material for each project. Organize and maintain MS project schedules, customer library, and corrective action database. Coordinate design recommendations and documentation as directed by the Company’s Director.

    Maintain project files and organize work to allow efficient access to information required by other team members. As the Company's Senior Engineer, provide technical guidance, as needed, to 2 less experienced engineers. Periodic (usually 2 - 3 times a year) brief (1 - 2 weeks each) travel to U.S. and/or Latin American customer locations. Also, periodic (usually 2 - 3 times/yr) day trips (usually 2 - 4 hours per trip) to supplier locations in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.


  • Requires Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering (or foreign equivalent degree) plus 4 years of engineering design experience designing shredding equipment/systems/plants for scrap steel, aluminum, aluminum dross, and other metals.

  • Requires demonstrated ability to design new and improved shredding systems from scratch, including the ability to innovate.

  • Mail resume to Newell Recycling Equipment, LLC, Attn: Mara Arroyo, 240 Thunderbird, Suite A & B, El Paso, Texas 79912.

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