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When my father Alton Newell founded our family business more than 75 years ago, he printed a business card that carried his motto, “We will treat you right”. That has been a guiding philosophy of our companies from the beginning until now. This applies to our employees, suppliers and our customers.

I am proud that my father invented the modern shredding machine and I am proud that almost every shredder being built in the world today has adopted most, if not all, of the design features that were first used in Newell shredders.

It has been my personal responsibility to operate one, or up to 10 shredding plants, to make profits from those operations, on a daily basis since 1960. The president of NRE, Scott Newell III, has been operating shredding plants for more than 30 years. During recent years, shredder plants owned and operated by Newell family members have produced more than 1,000,000 tons per year of shredded scrap.

Operating shredding plants for profit has provided us with the desire and motivation to maximize the efficiency of daily operations in order to get the most return for the investment in money and especially in time spent operating the equipment.

Developments in improving the shredder can be seen in the top and bottom discharge designs, the use of double feed rollers to control feed, the introduction of the first Super Heavy Duty shredders that are able to shred much heavier material, the design of replacement parts to maximize the life and to reduce the cost for those replacement parts and then very importantly, the application of computers to actually operate the shredder and to provide data for management to utilize in the effort to make constant improvement.

This operation of shredders provided the motivation that led us to be pioneers in the separation of the products of the shredding system. In 1974, we began to use heavy media to separate nonferrous metals from the product stream. In 1984, we were among the first in the industry to use eddy current separations and also sensor sorting to increase the value of the nonferrous metals recovered. The air separation systems that evolved through the constant search for better and more efficient separations continue to lead the industry. No one and no other group have even close to the operating experience, the manufacturing experience nor the experience of teaching others how to operate efficiently as we do.

All of the lessons learned while operating those machines are included in the designs of current shredder plants which are being designed, built and installed for our many customers around the world from here at Newell Recycling Equipment. When you buy equipment from NRE, you get the benefit of all of the evolutionary improvements that have been made through the years.

As a part of following that philosophy, established by Alton Newell, “We will treat you right,” it is our desire to share as much information about ourselves and about shredding as is possible. You will find copies of many technical papers as well as press releases and copies of some of our latest advertising. We believe that anything that helps make shredding more efficient and profitable, will bring benefits to us also.

Our design philosophy follows one guiding rule: we will follow the design that yields the lowest cost per ton throughout the life of the equipment. That means that sometimes the original price is higher or lower than alternative designs, but we believe that it will, for sure, offer the best value to the new investment.


Scott Newell lives in El Paso, Texas. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Newell Recycling Equipment, LLC, El Paso, Texas. He is also Vice Chairman of China Recycling Newell Equipment, Ltd. a joint venture manufacturer of all types of shredding and separation equipment located in China.

Scott Newell grew up in the scrap business and for many years has been a leader in the industry. His career began by working in scrap processing plants owned by his father Alton Newell Sr. After attending Baylor University, Trinity University and Arizona State University, Scott served as manager of the Newell Salvage Co. of Phoenix, Arizona for six years from 1959 to 1965.

From the time the second Newell shredder was built in the early 1960s, Scott has had the responsibility for the daily operation of one or more shredding plants, in addition to the responsibility for the manufacturing company. During the past 56 years, Scott has been responsible for the design, manufacture and operation of shredding plants, including the direct management and guidance for the engineering personnel. As a hand’s on operator, Scott is fond of telling people that having been responsible for designing shredding plants for more than 60 years and as a result, “I know a lot of things to not do,….. and some things that simply must be done,”

Scott is fond of sharing this information with shredder operators around the world believing that anything that is good for the shredding industry will be good for Newell Recycling Equipment, LLC. In support of that goal, Scott has written, published and delivered more than 100 technical papers explaining how to shred and how to design separation systems to create the greatest value and how to manage these types of plants.

In addition, Scott has been very involved since the middle 1970’s with recovery of non ferrous metals from auto shredder residue (ASR) and designed, built and operated the Newell metal recovery plants, which have processed many 100’s of thousands of tons of ASR, separating the valuable metal from the waste material.

Scott Newell has served on the national board of directors of the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel and also its predecessor, NARI. In addition, for many years he has been an officer and or a member of the Ferrous Division and the Shredder Committees of ISRI. During 2015, Scott was presented with the prestigious “Life Time Achievement Award” from ISRI in recognition of his contributions to the industry.

He has also served on the Shredder Committee of the BIR, which is the world scrap dealers association.

The business activities of Scott Newell have earned the respect of the scrap processing industry. He quite often is asked to address, as a recognized expert in his industry, national and international conferences for steel makers and scrap processors.

Scott has done extensive consulting work for scrap processors and has served as an expert witness in a number of legal matters.

Alton Scott Newell, iii “scottY” President

Scotty lives in Port St Lucie, in Florida. He is President of Newell Recycling Equipment, LLC of El Paso, Texas.

Scotty Newell III grew up in the scrap business and in the business of designing, manufacturing, and operating shredding machines. He graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a degree in Business. During the last three years of his time at UTSA, he also worked full time in the family business.

From the time of his graduation, he began to supervise in every different part of the business and eventually became the representative who personally commissioned 45 new shredding plants. As a part of the family business, he was the Operation Manager of Hawaii Metal Recycling, which included a shredding plant, for a year and was then seconded to Brufer, in Brussels, Belgium where he was the Operations Manager of a shredding plant for another year.

Scotty brings considerable experience in all phases of the scrap industry, from processing of scrap to designing, building and operating shredding plants.

During 2015, Alton Scott Newell III and his father Scott Newell, Jr. formed Newell Recycling Equipment, which is a full-service supplier of all types of shredding machines and is a supplier of replacement parts and service for every type of existing shredding machine.

Scotty Newell is presently serving as the Chairman of the BIR Shredder Board, which is the world scrap dealers association and has traveled for many years all around the world visiting shredding plants and talking with shredder operators. He quite often is asked to address, as a recognized expert in his industry, national and international conferences for steel makers and scrap processors.