Overall Mission Statement

Experience in operating shredding plants has provided Newell with the desire and motivation to maximize the efficiency of shredder plant operations in order to provide the most return for the investment in time spent, and especially, in financial returns on investment. This experience and philosophy helps in determining the most modern designs and implementing the changes that improve the performance and cost effectiveness of shredding plants supplied by Newell.

1. Vision

Newell Recycling Equipment is a company founded on the principle of continuous improvement at scrap recycling plants, and therefore our equipment designs reflect the continued commitment to helping the industry continue forward in efficient and cost-effective recycling.

2. Company Guiding Philosophy

When Alton Newell founded our family business more than 75 years ago, he printed a business card that carried his motto, "We will treat you right". That has been a guiding philosophy of our companies from the beginning until now.

3. Quality Statement

Newell Recycling Equipment is dedicated and committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our internal and customer’s requirements, while maintaining the highest safety and cost efficiency designs.

4. Safety Statement

Safety and the well-being of our employees, customers and contractors is of the highest importance. Our machine designs, installation procedures, deliveries, and plant visit protocol are all established and implemented with safety as the number one concern.

5. Design Philosophy

Our philosophy follows one guideline rule: we will follow the design that yields the lowest cost per ton throughout the life of the equipment. NRE will deliver shredders and replacement parts including castings with the lowest operating cost per ton in the marketplace today!

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