Reasons to Choose Newell for Your Shredder

Reasons to Choose Newell for Your Shredder

Newell designs, builds, and sells the highest quality and lowest operation cost shredder. There is a common saying in the scrap recycling business all around the world which states: “Newell is shredder, shredder is Newell!” Newell is the pioneer in the scrap shredder industry. The original shredder manufacturing technology and almost every design improvement since that time have first been used in Newell shredders.

NEWELL is among the top ten scrap recyclers in North America and have operated more than 40 Newell owned facilities equipped with Newell shredders, processing more than 1 million tons per year of shredded scrap. This provides significant motivation to keep making improvements as no one ever benefited more quickly by reducing operating costs. Newell is the only group in the world that understand shredder design, manufacture, and operation of the shredder. NEWELL understand the purpose for a customer to buy a shredder is to use that shredder to generate the profit for his company. This is achieved by designing for the lowest per ton of output operating costs. This is achieved by reducing replacement parts costs, decreasing down time and increasing tons per hour.

Newell understand how important high quality and lower operation cost are for the shredder operator. Since Newell invented the shredder in 1961, Scott Newell has been operating and observing shredders running every day, so he can find and adopt anything that makes the process more efficient quickly. The Newell shredders that are built now are the end product of 60 years of evolutionary progress. Each time a new shredder is built, it contains the lessons learned from the previous time periods. Mistakes are corrected and design features that make improvements to make the machine more efficient are included. That is why Newell is and has always been the pioneer of shredder manufacturers.

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